World healing circle 

World healing circle 

This week the QT community held a world healing circle in which I took part .Despite a few technical challenges we managed 10 mins of energy running , buzzing and palpable and seemingly timeless as it was over so quickley .✨✨✨

I held in my hands , a young girl with scoliosis , an elderly lady with painful carpel tunnel in her hand , and the world .The first message on my phone was to my amazement from the young girls mum , asking me if there was something she could cook for me that evening . Not unusual … You may think , but it’s never happened before , as I always eat whatever they do and it was 6.15 am , when she sent the txt .When I asked her that evening , why she had sent the txt , she replied “I don’t really know why ? It was very early and I just did it , for no particular reason” the look on her face was puzzlement! Confirmation for me , that the energies are in alignment or Flow is a great term ✨✨✨✨

I told her then if the world healing circle and that I’d included her daughter , who know doubt had a vast smack of energy that evening before .When I worked on her after dinner , she reported she’d had no pain that day and like any 13 year old continued telling me about School and the upcoming Ski trip she was looking forward too .✨✨

To date , she is awaiting an operation , which doesn’t seem to be happening as fast as she expected , so I await with baited breath as to what her body / energy has in store for her next! For now , we are pain managing and she’s learning about her own energy /power and what she’s capable of . An honour for me to be involved .✨✨✨✨

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