Resonance Therapy

harnessing energy at a quantum level to encourage the natural raised vibration of a healthy body....

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Crystal Therapy

Harness the healing energies of crystals......

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Spirtual Healing

Channelling energy from another layer of reality....

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Stress Release

Busy lifestyle? I can help!

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Welcome To Quantum Vision

Energy Resonance Therapy - Stress Release - Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Life Coach

Offering profound energy work at a quantum level...

“If things aren’t going right or there’s something not healing, maybe a pain that doesn’t go away? Or a health problem that keeps coming back? Maybe you need to try something different? And maybe I can help? All you have to lose is your problem, so why not give it a try ?” – Jane Mayne – Quantum Vision

  • Energy Resonance Therapy
  •  Stress Release & Relaxation
  •  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  •  Crystal Therapy
  •  Life Coaching
  • + much more!
Years Journey So Far
Different Therapies

What is Quantum Vision?

Jane Mayne is a qualified alternative therapist...

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Jane Mayne

Owner of Quantum Vision

Hi! I’m Jane Mayne the woman and energy behind ‘Quantum Vision’ and this website. I’m offering my services to people from all walks of life at a location to suit you or at Bosworth Wellness and Beauty, Swan House Business Centre, Market Bosworth. I can also offer services from The Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley.

I began studying and questioning the world and unseen world over 20 years ago when I embarked on a self improvement course, buying every book, CD, magazine etc as I was hooked.

I have studied with various mentors over this period, from spiritualists to aromatherapists, then eventually taking courses for certification and accreditation. At first I was feeding a personal desire to ‘know more.’ I have always felt I was missing something. As I’ve gained in knowledge and years I now realize I need to help people in whatever way I can on their journey too, whatever that may be!

I am certified for Quantum Touch 1& 2 and also Self Created Health. I also practice Crystal Therapy and occasionally use wands in my work.

I have studied and practiced Clairsentinence and Clairaudience; along with colour therapy and a touch on EFT and energy meridians . I have also studied and practices: Numerology, Palmistry and the Law of Attraction.

The effects of this modality are far reaching, with ability to heal past traumas and it is believed that it is also possible to affect the future also. As the quantum world is a new scientific discovery, we are learning all the way along with the scientists. I have no doubt I will learn something new with each experience.

I’m interested in how the mind works and how it can be limiting unless old thought patterns and false beliefs are addressed. I even have a brain app on my phone!

One Massive by product of energy work is usually one of calm and peacefulness, thus aiding the release of stress from our busy lives .

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