This amazing sunset was captured through binoculars .

I’d recently decided to do some painting and got myself some water colours and a small easel.

I wasn’t expecting what truly happened when I began this and it’s actually increased my mindfulness ten fold .

I suddenly found myself looking at things around me in a totally different way , not only from a colour perspective , but light and shade and all the other stuff I’m sure you artists out there already experience .

I realised I was actually in the moment all the time I was looking , really looking …… at the intensity of colour , the complexity of nature and the total aweness that surrounds me .

When I’m trying to paint , yet again I’m truly present , experiencing each colour shade and shape and how it fits together …. amazing !

A simple table is no longer that , I’m intensely looking at each line dot and hue , really looking , not just accepting it’s there and just a table as I would normally .

Mind blowing …

As I’m giving this attention all else diminishes , like a fisherman watching his bait . Quite perfect , I’m not labelling , not judging , just actually fully seeing .

Imagine you’re going to paint something , free your mind for a while .

Energetically it’s increasing your vibration too . 💚💚

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Jane Mayne

Hi! I’m Jane Mayne the woman and energy behind ‘Quantum Vision’ and this website. I’m offering my services to people from all walks of life at a location to suit you or at Crossroads Stress Clinic, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire.