Quantumvision 6 a look into the program 

Quantumvision 6 a look into the program 

As Quantum Vision is difficult to define , I thought I would share the Quantum 6 program in bite size pieces , to see how it relates to everyday life and how it may help you reach your best potential . Very often we are functioning below par ! We know we are but we are not sure why or what to do about it 

It could be linked to any change in life .

The loss of Career, people , relationships with anything . All these things mix in with our core beliefs ( which probably aren’t yours as most are programmed in by age 7 by parents , peers , even teachers at school ! ) to bring our active vibration levels down , causing any number of symptoms from , headaches/ migraine , IBS , sleeplessness , Rashes and various odd aches and pains .

Ive helped a lovely man recently , struggling with a should pain for over 10 years .

He’d had , X-rays , injections , quite a lot of therapies , and was faced with an operation , when he was recommended to me .

Within 4 sessions of Quantum Vision , he’s 80% better and well on the mend . He’s astonished at what was causing it , which turned out to be stuck emotions of Blame and Grief .

So I’m going to share a little insight on the Quantum 6 program to see if it might help you . 

Session 1 , deals with the most pressing of things , the most important for most people today , as it stops us from hearing our truth and making the right decision .I call this getting out of your head ! It was taught to me by my teacher and mentor Kathryn Vere, also a Quantum touch practitioner .

Its a simple technique that allows you to finally control your mind , by turning off the constant chatter .Ive had clients , with tears at this very first process , as it may be the first time they’ve had peace in their wearysome heads .

The 2 nd equally important process is the Breath. The correct breathing oxygenates the body , which gives energy to the heart , which runs the show ! Many of us shallow breathe , and stay in fear mode . Breathing correctly send the correct message to the brain of relax or normal time , stopping the release of adrenalin ( flight/fight mode, fear) flooding the blood . You can see how these first 2 steps alone will change how you feel straight away . 

We then do the first skeletal energy run through the hips .This can sometimes take clients by surprise , as it’s the first time they have felt their own energy system spark up ! Or sometimes they feel nothing at all , as their bodies are in safety mode , checking out what I’m doing . Either way it’s fun , and it’s happening,and it’s very good for you .I adapt each session to suit each clients needs as we are all unique , but it follows a basic format and there’s always homework ! 

Session 1 homework : simply get out of your head and breathe !!!!

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Jane Mayne

Hi! I’m Jane Mayne the woman and energy behind ‘Quantum Vision’ and this website. I’m offering my services to people from all walks of life at a location to suit you or at Crossroads Stress Clinic, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire.