Quantum 6 program session 2 

Quantum 6 program session 2 

Continuing on with my explanation of my Quantumvision 6 program , into week 2 .im finding as I go through it again , my experience of it becomes even more meaningful , after experiencing it with so many clients now , and each one experiences it in their own way , coming to a common closure . Peace , happiness and the full knowledge of energetically what they are , wonderful vibratory beings , not living in their heads ! 
So week 2 

I usually start with the skeletal energy run , in through the hips .

This time as the body has remembered this energy lift , there’s usually more sensation .

If they’ve practised the light switch technique from last weeks homework , they can come from the body and tune in easily to sensation .

This weeks about chasing pain/sensations through the body . If there’s a chronic condition , such as ME or MS or injury , then I will run energy through the feet .

The comes an energetic alignment on all the energies in and around the body .

This weeks visualisations are to gain energy and release negativity through the skin 
Home work : gratitude list 3 things , breathing deeper / energy 
This week I find the homework changes depending on the clients needs

If there’s going to be a dip in energy or mood it usually happens in the 2/3 rd week .

It’s almost like the body is reminding you where you were and showing the difference . This isn’t always the case , but if it’s going to happen it’s normally now .

This months offer :

30 minute energy tune up , through the feet . 

This is an amazing relaxing session , leaving you de -stressed and springy stepped . Only £30✨?✨?

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