Energy comes in lots of different forms 

Energy comes in lots of different forms 

Back  in 2011 when this picture was taken , I hadn’t given much thought to its significance . It was a time when I became interested in all things quantum . I’ve learned so much about the energy of light and the mere presence of it can change what we perceive to be real . This picture has a greater meaning now , more than ever , more than just being in the right place for the Sun and mist to provide the effect.

It’s the fact that I was there , at that time , and the beginning of a fantastic journey and this was the light sending me on my way . If you are thinking you’re off track? ….,Or not sure what’s next ? …… Maybe a Quantumvision session is what you need ? 

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Jane Mayne

Hi! I’m Jane Mayne the woman and energy behind ‘Quantum Vision’ and this website. I’m offering my services to people from all walks of life at a location to suit you or at Crossroads Stress Clinic, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire.